It's not just the cars

It's the people.

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No matter what model or vintage your Porsche is, please join us to find out how true the PCA slogan is:
"It's not just the cars, it's the people"

-Tom Roos, President

Hurricane Headlines

To the uninitiated, the Concours d'Indoors will be our third annual "Indoor Car S/how", held in conjunction with First Saturday at Porsche Southpoint Bring your favorite scale models, have fun and be eligible to win cool prizes. Prizes for the crowd favorite in each of three different scale size Porsches ( 1:18, 1:24, 1:43). There will also a prize awarded for the best "other" marque. Come with or without a model as there will be food, drink, and nice door prizes. Grand Prize will be a Porsche GT3 Cup Race Track.

Newsletter | Der Wirbelstürm

Der Wirbelsturm Jan-Feb 2016
Enjoy the Jan-Feb edition of the Hurricane newsletter.
Date: Mon 02/8/2016 @ 04:05
Author: Jim Lamb
Der Wirbelsturm Nov-Dec 2015
Enjoy the Nov-Dec edition of the Hurricane newsletter.
Date: Tue 12/8/2015 @ 04:32
Author: Jim Lamb

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